About Us


We are a tech company that delivers state of the art payment solutions to merchants globally. Founded and based in Whitefish MT,  a small town of 6800 residents, we have grown with local offices across the country and a global footprint in 30 countries.  We are committed to satisfying your payment needs with carefully curated best-of-industry solutions to help you grow your business. What’s more?  We have the highest reputation in the industry.  Absolute Integrity, Respect, Excellence (A.R.E) – Our core values are the foundation of everything we do.


2016 ISO Of The Year

Winner of Industry’s Top Award, 2016 “ISO of the Year”. The most prestigious award given to businesses making advancements in the payments industry.

2015 Largest Elavon MSP/ISO in Processing Volume

NXGEN has expanded year over year with double-digit growth since opening it’s doors in 2002.

Proprietary Analytics and ISO Tracking

Utilizing NXGEN proprietary software, a workflow management software that delivers robust CRM, easy cloud based app submissions, commissions reporting, and full access reporting, run your business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

World’s Only Truly Global MSP Network

Most companies that say they are global usually mean online processing. NXGEN is the ONLY payment solution provider with a global footprint in 30 countries and counting. We have local teams on the ground to help install terminals and ready to go door to door to service merchants at a moment’s notice.